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Our process to date:

  • Conduct quiet research to identify candidate organizations working to advance the opportunities of people in underserved communities 
  • Evaluate organizations through careful analysis of criteria specific to their size, geography, and mission for indicators of high potential for sustained positive impact, including stable finances, multi-year track records, measurement and evidence of outcomes, and experienced leadership representative of the community served 
  • Complete these steps as privately and anonymously as we can in order to limit burden on non-profits and avoid diverting them from their work 
  • Reach out to selected organizations to tell them we admire what they are doing and would like to give them an immediate gift for use however they choose
  • Incorporate experience and perspective of a diverse extended team: small internal giving and operations unit, large network of advisors (consultants, non-profit leaders, and other givers), and external operational support specialists (translation, international non-profit law, and high-volume investment and gift administration)


  • Open-call process to introduce an additional pathway for information about organizations to reach us
  • First and any future open calls will focus on one or more specific themes, geographies, and types of organizations at a time
  • Online application and criteria for eligibility and selection
  • Evaluation team will include publicly posted panel selected for broad and relevant experience 

Huge thanks to everyone involved in this ongoing effort, including thousands of non-profit team members working together with people in their communities to convert dollars donated into positive change.